Cheryl Wilfong Detail

Gardening: Making Your Garden Grow One Day At A Time
by Pam Baxter – Delaware County Times (Pennsylvania)


Cheryl Wilfong shows us how to cultivate the inner garden with lovely, often funny, and always wise stories and reflections. The more I read, the happier I got!”
– Rick Hanson, Ph.D.
author, Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom


“Cheryl’s newest book tells you how to journey from the garden to the Garden by way of mindfulness.”
-Shinzen Young
author, The Science of Enlightenment


“Grow the wisdom of your heart with these inspiring daily reminders of mindfulness.”
– Leigh Brasington
author, Right Concentration: A Practical Guide to the Jhanas


“Fresh and fun and insightful”
-Jan Frazier
author, When Fear Falls Away


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